Constitución CDMX: Espacio de Encuentro– Mexico City’s Crowd-Sourced Constitution

Mexico City crowd-sourced its constitution to its 9 million citizens.


A citizen-driven data sharing platform for municipal service provision where institutions don't reach.

Remix Toronto

Toronto Invests in Youth Music Program

#Increasethepeace Campouts in Violent Hotspots

A Chicago community group staged staged a series of “campouts for peace” in gun violence hotspots

Taiwan’s Waste Management System

Taiwan radically reinvented its garbage system and became a world leader in recycling by using a pay-as-you-waste citizen engagement model.

ELEMENTAL’s Constitución, Chile

Alejandro Aravena's Pritzker-winning participatory recovery plan aims to ask the right questions.


A digital platform rethinks democracy for the internet era.

Focus E15

Homeless mothers collaborate to fight social cleansing and create new types of community spaces along the way.

Imagining Alternative Systems

These initiatives develop human and ecologically (rather than profit)-centered economic models.

Granby Four Streets

A community shows that its own democratic interventions can be models and engines of equitable development.